Friday, May 8, 2009

You Food.

Apparently this has become my self-righteous food sociology blog. I know, can it get more riveting? ;)

I've already ranted enough about the orders I heard in Dunkin' Donuts this morning, so I won't repeat them here.

OK, I will.

Who can possibly drink an extra large iced coffee extra light with five sugars without barfing? It's revolting. What have we done to our stomach lining so that it can tolerate such disgusting abuse? And it's iced too, so they're in there drinking it down in record time.


I've also noticed something about healthy fast food chains of late. Their particular brand of marketing is really tricky; the claim upon which they hinge being that everything, EVERYTHING in their restaurant is healthy for you, so you don't have to think when eating. What a load of crap. Sure, a thirty year old male body-builder in peak physical condition probably doesn't have to think too hard when ordering, as they are right that they use only lean meats, low fat cheese, and whole wheat wraps. However, he is not trying to lose weight, only to put healthy things in his body. However, that's how they get the dieting 20 and 30-something women to slavishly consume their food day after day. These women think that everything in there will help them lose weight; they really do. I have met them. But, the nutrition facts for U-Food, which are hard to find on their website and nowhere to be seen in their stores, will clearly tell you that the Chicken Parm and Chicken Meatball marinara wraps contain upwards of 800 calories -- only about 100 fewer than a Qdoba burrito minus cheese and sour cream. Sure, it has less saturated fat, but that only induces side orders of "unfries", which, while better than fried fries, clock one's meal in at about 1100 calories. For lunch.

I mean, whatever. I have an odd shaped body and will probably never be "skinny" in the conventional sense. But why do healthy fast food chains have to go making us fatter than ever?

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