Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Geoffrey Rush, Jeremy, and the City.

I went to New York on Sunday and saw 'Exit the King' with Jeremy. Although I saw it at my lowest energy point in a 14 hour trip, I was still captivated by what it did, overall. Although there were some inconsistencies, I thought the translation (co-authored by Geoffrey Rush and the director) was wonderful and timeless, in the sense that although it felt written for a modern ear, it wasn't the kind of Terrence McNally modern that talks about danishes and car phones -- it was simply elegant and to the point, and in a pacing that we are accustomed to. It was such a fully realized world that created dramatic tension but also made larger comments situationally at the same time. There was also a real sense of design synthesis, probably because this production has been workshopped and produced and workshopped and produced a million times, here and in Australia. Susan Sarandon was a little oddly-cast and reticent to make big choices in her "normal one" mold in the middle of all the absurdity. Geoffrey Rush was frigging amazing to watch. I could watch him go through that play 2 or 3 more times. It was like his body was made of liquid, and his voice was right up there with Alan Rickman! I briefly considered stage-dooring Lauren Ambrose, but I think I may save it for Allison Janney.

Seeing Jeremy was nothing short of fabulous, despite his frequent assertions that he automatically injects any situation with a prescribed dose of nebbishness. First of all, it was amazing to realize that I had met Anne and Jeremy at Berkshire Theatre Festival not one, but TWO years earlier, and it seems like no time has passed at all, even though we barely ever see each other. It sounds corny, but I think that is what is meant by 'kindred spirits'. I had a great time walking up and down and around 9th Ave. with Jeremy, talking dramaturgy, comparing notes on our jobs, and what not. It reminded me that I can actually have a great time, and an intellectually fulfilling time, just TALKING to someone smart about theatre. I really needed that reminder, as Saturday was a tough day for me, having lost out on two directing gigs and wondering, once again, where exactly in theatre I belonged. I am starting to feel more secure now.

I am reading Jon Krakauer's 'Into the Wild'. It is beyond fascinating .... the only time I've been able to put it down in the last 24 hours has been to write this, sleep .... oh, and wait, to watch 2 hours of 'Sex and the City' episodes that I have already seen. Oh well. Everyone needs a hobby.

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