Saturday, June 14, 2008

Directed musings.

So I've gotten to an interesting point in my petit career. It seems like I already have a couple AD gigs for the fall, they're in various stages of gotten-hood, but they've been loosely confirmed, plus a good shot that I could pick something up at a few other companies with the connections I've recently realized I have.

However, I think that due to my love of structure, enjoyment of things well-organized, and a desire to be around quality work, I have gotten addicted to ADing. It's also been an invaluable experience in terms of learning how professional theatre actually works, in addition making really awesome connections and having a ridiculous amount of fun. When I started ADing, I was a bit at sea, having trouble answering questions like: "Where would I direct?" "What space would I use?" "What shows are both good AND good for a small space and small company?" "Do I really know what I'm doing?!" I'd poured a lot of energy into The Importance of Having Men Audition at Gazebo Players, and I was feeling a little let-down and deflated. I had a few ideas, but I mostly wanted to tag along somewhere until I'd learned the rules.

I haven't learned 'the rules' yet, per se, but I have learned a general outline of the rules. I have ideas now, a desire to produce my own work, and a desire to get into grad school sooner rather than later which requires, you know, actually directing.

To that end, I contacted a small local company to which my friend and co-worker has mucho connectiones. I had noticed that there were only three shows in the season, so I asked if they might consider hosting me some time in the Spring of 2009. He wrote back promptly saying that I had an impressive resume and he was glad that I had gotten in touch, but that they had no more room in the season, and that I should AD or design something and then we'd talk about next season. This I understand, and was actually quite excited about, because they're a relatively well-established small company that rents space in a great location and has press coming to see their shows.

But then I realized .... it could be as late as Spring 2010 that I'd get to put this play up, and that's way too late. If I have a show I want to produce, I should found a company and produce it. The problem is there are SO many small companies with no funding floating around Boston right now. I don't really have administrative support unless someone reading this wants to comment and volunteer. I'd rather not spend all my time incorporating myself, booking space, and making sure people actually see the damn show, when I could be working on actual things pertaining to directing a play. Can't all these tiny companies play together? Weren't they all started because someone wanted to direct something? It seems egregious, and I can't help but be jealous of actors who want to act ... pick a company, any company. I know, I know. How's that for an over-simplification? But still ....

Anyway, these are all excuses probably born out the fear and sort of isolation I feel at the prospect of having a Cottilion Ball sort of thing for myself as a director here in Boston. Which is all the more reason I should stop whining and do it.

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