Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"I am in 3rd grade; I am a GROWN-ASS WOMAN!!" - Paraphrased from the Maury Povitch show, circa July 2007.

Below are some key musings from my recentely-recovered 3rd grade journal, in which poor Mrs. Houston was forced to write back as a way to motivate to us to practice our cursive. Apologies to those of you who have already been subject to my jenius, but it's just too good not to share with those of you have have not yet encountered it.

January 6, 2004
I can't wait til my dentist apointment! I know I've been brushing well! I hope I get a good report.
(Even at a young age, I was eager to please AND delusional!)

Jan. 11, 1994
Over the snowdays I went sledding with Rachel and her sisters. I went to the book store and got a bible.

Jan. 14, 1994
I like learning multibucation. it is fun. And it's a little easier to do the subtraction.
Mrs. Houston: A lot of people agree with you. Still, you have to learn subtraction. You'll need to know those facts all your life. If you know subtraction, then you'll be sure to always get the correct change, and you'll be able to balance your checkbook some day.
(Really? REALLY?!)

February 2, 1994:
My mother is helping with the costumes for Harriet Tubman [epic school play]. She will be backstage too -- if it's all right with you. I am child number 2. I am very excited!
(My mother begins exercizing her theatre jones, and I find my place in the Best Supporting Actress club).

February 3, 1994
I can't wait til all this snow melts! I can't go outside to play, I can't ride my bike, I can't ride my horse. Actually, it's not my horse, it's the stable's. But I can't go see her or go ride her.
Mrs. Houston: You must miss her a lot. Unfortunately, the groundhog saw its shadow. I hope it's just superstition and that we won't really have six more weeks of winter. What do you think?
Me: I think the ground hog is probably right. I wish he weren't. But I'm happy we finally got to go to the pond. Last time we found a dead rat. I thought it was pretty funny!
(I have no words ...)

February 8, 1994
I can't wait til we put on the play! But I'm glad this not the day before it, because I forgot my script! I'm such a nut [drawing of a nut].

February 10, 1994
I pretty much have all my lines memorized for the play. The first line I have to say is, "You see, our teacher told us to a report on a famous black person, and we chose Harriet Tubman."

February 14, 1994
Today is Valentine's Day! To celebrate in my house yesterday we made cookies and dumped frosting on them! [Again, how little things change ...] Then we exghanged presents. Today I'm going over to my friend's house who lives in Norwood, and while the grownups go out to dinner, we are stuck in the house with my friends 8th grade sister. But I still cannot wait to see both of them. I just hope that Kaitlin -- that's the sisters name -- will let us play Netendo.

February 15, 1994
I am so so exited about the play. I wish we could just get it over with, because I know all my lines and I want to still remember them by the time we do this thing. [Hah!]
Mrs. Houston: You know your lines very well. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready yet. More practice will help make the play extra terrific. [yeah right.]

March 4, 1994
I am so mad that it had to snow! I want to have the play!! But at least we will get to rehearse in the gym! [.... great!!]

March 9, 1994
I hope the play is not posponed. I really hope that there is school tomorrow. You are right. Alot of people are getting sloppy about singing songs.

March 10, 1994
I am going to get Doofus [stuffed penguin, class pet to be passed around nightly] over the weekend. Tomorrow I want him to see the production. [Hah!] So maybe you could hold him in the audience?
Mrs. Houston: I need both hands to be free so i won't be able to hold Doofus. Maybe you could put him behind Andee's chair so that he'll be present but not visible. After all, I don't think Harriet Tubman ever saw a play in her life.

March 11, 1994
I had lots of fun in the play. But I was so embarassed when I forgot to turn on the mike! [Classic ...]

March 16, 1994
I am diasppointed that the play is over. Oh well, at least I still remember everbody's lines in the play! [Oh you have no idea, 3rd grade self]. I also remember the songs. I sure had a lot of lines to learn myself. [Hah].
Mrs. Houston: You have an amazing memory. I have a suggestion: How about using that great memory to learn your math facts? [NOT BLOODY LIKELY!!] You'd zip right through those time tests!

March 21, 1994
I am the mother pig in The Three Little Pigs. I am wearin ga pig mask, even though Matt said I already looked enough like a pig! [Let's hope Matt was flirting ....]

March 30, 1994
Friday is April Fools Day, it's also good Friday. I think while I am at the doctors office I will think up a few practical jokes to play on my parents. I've only tricked the with words before.

April 5, 1994
I had a good easter. I found out who the easter bunny is. It is my mom. This year I shared the egg hunt with my dad. He is Jewish. But he was pretty good anyhow. (HAH!)

April 12, 1994
My mother is the producer of a play called Hello Dolly. That is her next play in the theater company she belongs to. She also has a place in the chorus where she belongs, she says. I am very excited about the show.

April 29, 2004
Yesterday I went to Mom's brush-up rehearsal. A brush-up is when you have on rehearsal to brush you up. To help you rememebr the show. Beacuse there is two more shows to go. At brush up you play jokes on people.

May 2, 1994
Yes I went to all the performances of the play. They were all good. I am thinking of being in the next preformance that has kids in it. I like theater a lot. Do you? This July I'm going to see Phantom of the Opera. It is my favorite play. My favorite part is the music.


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