Friday, June 6, 2008

Sono Commosso!

Although I am back, screwed out of my job and totally broke, NJ Shakes did a lot of good for me. I think I finally learned what the job of a director is of a large cast, large tech show in a resource-laden theatre. Essentially, it appeals to me, and I finally know that I want to be a career director, and not an academic one (primarily). I also want to do some auditioning because hey, theatre is theatre, and I kind of miss being in a cast. Basically, it cemented my identity as a Theatre Person, the last dregs of "Maybe I'll become a Baroque opera star after all ...." faded away, and I am very, very grateful. It was wonderful being around such a positive group of people who wouldn't rather have been anywhere than where they were. Plus, they all loved me as much as I loved them, and that never hurts.

While in NJ, I began living an inadvertantly healthy lifestyle which I intend to attempt to keep up while back in Boston. Although I was working 12 hour days for no pay, I walked to work, walked to all my errands, ate Lean Cuisines with more regularity than regular food, and rarely ate out. Not a lifestyle that is really condusive to urban living, considering it would take me an hour to walk to work and beer and fried fish are essentially this city's mainstays .... but something to learn from at least.

I was just offered and accepted the position of AD on New Rep's production of Cabaret. Rehearsals began December 22 and it goes up January 11, so my head might explode as Margaret aptly put it, but I think it's going to be *spectacular*. I'm also psyched because I have this huge burgeoning interest in the different ways theatre and music can be used together, and this will be the first musical I've ADed.

Finally, if you know or are yourself a 32-year old early career actor in Boston who wants to Adam Rapp's Nocturne with me, let me know ..... It's a beautiful play. Too bad A.R.T. figured that out only 7 years ago. No one ever said my timing was good.

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