Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Zees apartment better have many mirrors in wheech I may regard my fabulous self." - Mushkillah

After 12 days that may or may not have felt like my entire life, Dena, Simon, Mushkillah and I have finally found an apartment! It's a basement unit on Summit Ave. in Brighton in between the B and C lines, and has SO MUCH to make up for being in a basement: FREE LAUNDRY (right in the basement no less!), exposed brick, tons of storage, a private entrance, Whole Foods 100 yards away, and, my personal favorite, a breakfast bar!! Observe!!:

Isn't it cute?!

Tell me it's not cute and I'll punch ya in the babymaker.

I feel extra positively rosy about the whole thing, because I am also proud of the initiative Dena and I took in finding the place, evaluating it, comparing it with others, negotiating for a sane rent, and ultimately paying the first, last and security deposit all by ourselves.

Plus the chairs from my living room are going to look really cute in the living room .... and we're going to put decals in the muddroom ....


Fiscal responsibility rox, kids!!

Even though it's still the summer, I'm raring for this (academic) year to commence. I'm finally going to get a voice teacher and maybe even another job, and finally act like I know the lay of the land.

Which I do.

Heh heh.

I said lay.

Mmmmmm Lays.

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