Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Flurry of a Good Day

Today's weather alone deserves at least at attempt at documentation. Four seconds ago was probably the first time that this New Englander has ever experienced what I am now calling Snunder: a terrifying combination of snow and thunder. Four minutes ago, on my walk back from the gym and particulary on my walk TO the gym, we might as well have been in the damn Florida Keys (except without all the flabby old people and nail salons). It's like the weather is trying to get all of its pissyness out in one fell swoop before settling down for what is sure to be another swelteringly tropical summer. Oh New England, you variety pack of Doom.

Despite the inconsisentency in the weather, today has been consistently good. It started this morning with brunch with some of my choir girls who I haven't seen since December 22. After sleeping til 10, I got dressed and scurried on down to catch the 66 bus, prepared to wait alone in the half-rain/half-snow combo we had going on, but instead I found one said choir girl, Laura and her boyfriend Rishi, and so had some company. They live across the street in the 13s of Comm Ave., and Laura is a former voice major/fellow pants roler as well. We really need to hang out more. We headed down to Z Square where other choir girl Jenny, the Brit, had made a reservation for five. Soon joined by Miriam, who it turns out had suffered a similar "kicked-out" fate to mine, we proceeded to catch up, discuss internet dating, travel, music and politics over omelettes. Z Square is good and shockingly cheap for such a "posh atmo".

After saying goodbye to those cool folks, I popped into Curious George to visit Margaret, who toils there in exchange for free books and of course, money. Starving, she begged me to provide her with a bagel from across the street, which I did, and would have done anyway, but today I also procured an illustrated Midsummer's book for Eli at a handsome discount! Considering his most recent artwork featured Bottom and Titania falling in love, he should enjoy this. I, for some reason have decided that Eli's Valentine's Day gift needs to make up for all the other holidays I've missed with him this year. Hopefully the authorities won't read too much into this.

Although I wish that the story could continue with "And then I went into Urban Outfitters and found a pair of awesome charcoal boot-cut jeans for 8 dollars," it does not. I did, however, encounter a friend from the very, very, distant past while at the 66 bus stop in the square. While there, a girl approached me and asked, "This is a weird question. Did you ever do UnCommon Theatre stuff when you were younger?" And I said, "WHY YES!" And she said, "I think we were in Peter Pan together!" And it turns out that we were indeed, and we were actually friends and fellow "Injins". :) How great! So we chatted at the bus stop, and on the way home, about UnCommon, about theatre and opera in Boston, about the G & S society at MIT and about law school, grad school, and other stuff too! We did exchange numbers, and even though it's possible I'll never see her again, I might. And it was a fun bus ride, and always bizarre to reconnect like that, even though I feel like I might as well have been a different person back then.

Tonight I'm off to see "Shakespeare's Actresses in America", written and performed by Rebecca Maggor with Erin, and then maybe to Margaret's to watch Pride & Prejudice, the mini-series. I think I'm finally ready for it. Bring on the fop!

Hopefully this week will be as nice, and I don't know ... that's all for now. :)

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