Friday, March 7, 2008

Creepy: A Synonym for Patron

This here is real American drama, kids:

Adrienne: Symphony Charge, how may I help you?
Patron (in creepy androgenous voice): Do you have 22 dawlaw tickets?
Adrienne: For which date?
Patron: I don't KEEE-UUHHH.
Adrienne: Uh ... no. We have 29 dollar tickets though ....
Patron: That's the lowest you have?
Adrienne: Yes, that's not partially obstructed.
Patron: What about pahtially obstructed?
Adrienne (increasingly creeped out): 14 dollars.
Patron: OK well I had to give up my credit cahd and I wanna take a woman, so I'm gonna uh .... I'm gonna go that route.
Adrienne: .... OK!
Patron (creepily, as if on Are You Afraid of the Dark): So I'll be seeing you .....

(hangs up).

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