Monday, January 7, 2008


This morning, it was nice to wake up to an e-mail from Sam Helfrich, a cell phone voice-mail from Linda O'Brien (production manager at Opera Boston), and a home-phone voice mail from Amy Kitchin, Audience Services Director at Boston Lyric Opera, a company which, despite my completely dogged degree of persistence in my quest to work for them, has never called me on the phone before now. I didn't even pick up the phone when I saw the label "Boston Lyric Opera" because I was so sure it was a telemarketer.

For about a month now, January has loomed in my mind in this sort of stone-carved, Monty-Pythonian way. Last night, I stared at the ceiling for about twenty minutes, trying to exhale all the nervousness out of my body while still retaining the nerve.

I am probably going to gain five pounds this month, and most definitely lose some hair, and I'll probably cry at one or two or three commercials. But things are happening!! And when it rains, apparently it pours.

I should really buy an umbrella for non-metaphorical rain, too. ;)

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The Project said...

Yeah...suprisingly enough, bad news on the children thing....