Thursday, November 1, 2007

Resolute Resolutions

Firstly, I received the following note in my Gmail box, forwarded to me from friends of my neighbors for whom I appeared as The Countess last Saturday. They thought I might enjoy reading it:

"Thank you so much for such a
wonderful Halloween party and soup night. The children had a great time.
Imagine how much Olek enjoyed the Haunted House that he woke up 3 nights
in a row shaking & without being able to speak. When we calmed him down
he was telling us that the "Countess" was appearing to him constantly.
Good job guys!!!. I'll pass you the future bills for therapy."

They were right. I did enjoy reading praise about myself. There's a shocker. Maybe I should be a performer! What am I doing with my life!!? Haha.

I had my first real day at work today, during which I actually picked up the phone. Or pressed the button which allowed me to speak to humans on the headset. I did OK, I think, judging from the fact that Duane removed himself from his observation perch after only about a half hour. Among the gems from today were a very sweet woman who thought that Golijov Dvorak was the name of one person (it's the last names of two composers, used as the title of a concert), and someone who actually wanted to sit through Les Troyens (moneyed laugh). Anyway, it's really great that I am selling classical music and that we get to listen to rehearsals in Symphony Hall over the intercom. I just wish I didn't have to work so hard to supplement it.

Erin's Mom took us to a DELICIOUS repast at The Daily Catch where I had black squid ink pasta, which is delicious and homemade and does not taste like the squid ink with which it was colored. It was definitely one of the best meals in recent memory consumed by me.

Along with this jaunt from, basically, Allston to the Common to the Waterfront and back came with much walking around the windiest, most beautifully lit, most orgasmically beautiful parts of my city. The landscape down by the water and by the park is just so gorgeous in an urban way. Everything is tall and statuesque and stacked up on itself, and there is so much life around it, people, and causes, and the reasons it all exists. All this is juxtaposed with natural beauty, like the moon on the fucking harbor and the way the wind feels. It's beautiful.

So this spurred a resolve in me: Spend more time in Boston, Boston. Allston has its charms, but I must spend more time in the City. The next time I have five hours free and I need to go to CVS, I should pick a random T stop, hope that there's a CVS there, and explore.

I like this place. It makes sense to me.

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