Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Welcome to the BSO.

Not surprisingly, the Boston Symphony Orchestra is a little bit of a nicer place to work than some other organizations into which I have dipped by metaphorical money-making quill. Upon arrival, I was briefly shown around and the title of the blog was uttered which made my little nerd blood cells tingle, and then back downstairs for an entire day of training and observation. AND, there are three supervisors in the room at all times, which is, like, completely foreign to me. Help? Support? I'm sorry, have we met? Anyway, basically my job is to sell tickets and set up exchange forms which someone actually does, use the ticketing system to have people's tickets reprinted if they ask, these kinds of things. Entire other offices handle group sales, handicapped seating, subscriptions ....

It's nice, but it doesn't pay the rent by an embarassing margin. and may become monotonous very, very quickly. Pending things happening in 2008 of the AD nature, it might find itself being temporary. I need a Sugar Daddy. or a Spenda Step-Daddy. Or whatever. That being said, I turned down a $75 dollar alto section leader sub gig because Erin's mom is taking us to Legal Seafoods. Food, you are a cruel mistress.

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