Wednesday, November 14, 2007


According to my mother's DNA test, she is 3% Sub-Saharan African, which makes me 1.5% black. Sweet-ass.

Also, eating bacon apparently raises the colon cancer risk by like 21%.


Sad pandaz.


Wiry said...

Did your dad get a DNA test? You might be more than 1.5!

Traveller72 said...

Even if you're only 1.5% black, you can still say, "I may be only 1.5% black, but I'm 1.5% black where it counts!"

Or something.

By the way, have you heard the Forbidden Broadway parody of Into the Woods, "Into the Words"? It's pretty okay.

Traveler72 said...

I was just really happy with all the stuff they did with it, for once, Marge and Ned were real characters instead of gags. I mean often Marge is a real character, but you don't get to take Ned seriously much in the show.

That and Bart getting honestly drunk in the hotel room. It was such a good movie!